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A record of the evolving understanding of Christian liturgy by an ordinary Christian who came to faith among the 20th Century great-grandsons of Ulrich Zwingli. Having left his cradle faith for more sacramental and liturgical climes (yet, still within classic Protestanism), Brother Quotidian seeks to understand the impact of liturgy on Christian spirituality and maturity, and to engage the critical comments, suggestions, and contributions to his quest from others he encounters on the same road.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

After a very long hiatus here, I'm returning to blogging, but not at this one. This blog started with great intentions, and perhaps a passable beginning. But, it also started just before the main work of pastoring St. Athanasius Anglican Church took off.

I was swamped. I kept thinking I'd get back to blogging on liturgy. Two things have gotten in the way:

1. Lots to do.

2. I began learning more than I could "process" sufficiently to make coherent posts. I kept putting off putting down what I had been learning, until I felt I understood enough to make sensible comments.

And, here we are.

Meanwhile, I have fired up a new blog on a topic I have pretty well developed ideas about. You can find it here:

I still think I will take this blog back up again. But, now I know better than to say when!

Fr. Bill


Blogger dulciana said...

I very much hope that you will continue to post about chant! I found your blog while searching for info on the web to help me introduce my small Episcopal congregation to the singing of psalms. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the invaluable information here! I have been acting as cantor on responsorial psalms for a few months now, and am considering exploring some other psalm-singing options such as Anglican chant.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Continuing Home said...

I too am hoping for more!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous sewa mobil said...

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8:05 PM  

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